DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial of Service) refers to measures and technologies designed to protect organizations from DDoS attacks. In a DDoS attack, a large number of requests or traffic are directed to a target network or website to overload resources and disrupt normal operations.

Here are some of the most important aspects of DDoS protection:

  1. Traffic-Filterung: A basic method of DDoS protection is to monitor incoming traffic and filter suspicious or malicious packets. This can be done at the network level or in the cloud and makes it possible to separate malicious traffic from legitimate requests.
  2. Load distribution: DDoS protection solutions often use load balancers to distribute incoming traffic across different servers or infrastructure components. This helps minimize the impact of a DDoS attack by spreading the load across multiple resources.
  3. Traffic analysis and detection: Advanced DDoS protection solutions use pattern recognition, machine learning, and other techniques to detect suspicious or anomalous patterns in incoming traffic. This allows for early detection of DDoS attacks and faster response.
  4. DDoS-Mitigation: When a DDoS attack is detected, DDoS protection solutions use measures to mitigate the attack. This can include blocking malicious IP addresses, maintaining network integrity, and applying defenses such as IP blacklisting or traffic shaping.
  5. Scalability and bandwidth management: DDoS protection solutions make it possible to scale the bandwidth and capacity of a network as needed. This helps to manage the increase in traffic during a DDoS attack and maintain normal operations.
  6. Incident Response und Monitoring: After a DDoS attack, it is important to assess the impact and take appropriate measures to restore normal operations. DDoS protection solutions provide incident response, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to analyze the attack, identify vulnerabilities, and prevent future attacks.

DDoS protection is an important part of the IT security strategy, especially for organizations with a strong online presence or critical online services. By implementing effective DDoS protection solutions, organizations can ensure the availability of their services and minimize the damage caused by DDoS attacks.

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