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IT security, also known as information security or IT security, refers to the protection of information and data from unauthorized access, misuse, loss, destruction or unauthorized manipulation.


SAP outsourcing refers to the process by which companies outsource certain tasks or processes related to their SAP system to external service providers. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing and is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics

Outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics refers to the outsourcing of tasks or processes related to the implementation, operation, or maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics software to third-party service providers. 


Outsourcing in e-commerce refers to the outsourcing of certain tasks or processes related to online trading to external service providers. E-commerce encompasses the sale of goods or services over the Internet and involves various aspects such as online store development, product catalog management, order processing, payment processing, shipping logistics, customer service, and online marketing.


IT support refers to providing technical support and help with IT-related questions, problems, or concerns. IT support is a set of tasks and activities designed to help users effectively use and troubleshoot IT systems, software, hardware, or networks.

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